comparison, comparison, kPMElementComparison — Value comparison methods.


comparison : string, choice, default, optional


Value comparison methods.

comparison is a string. If comparison is omitted, the default contains is used. comparison is optional. comparison must be one of the following six constants:

  • equal to, kPMElementComparison_EqualTo. True if value is equivalent.
  • not equal to, kPMElementComparison_NotEqualTo. True if value is not equivalent.
  • starts with, kPMElementComparison_StartsWith. True if value starts with comparison value.
  • ends with, kPMElementComparison_EndsWith. True if value ends with comparison value.
  • contains, kPMElementComparison_Contains. True if value contains the comparison value.
  • does not contain, kPMElementComparison_DoesNotContain. True if value does not contain the comparison value.