condition type, conditiontype, kPMElementConditionType — Types of condition.


condition type : string, choice


Types of condition.

condition type is a string. condition type must be one of the following 17 constants:

  • boolean, kPMElementConditionType_Boolean. Continue if the boolean value is true.
  • delayed boolean, kPMElementConditionType_DelayedBoolean. Continue if the bool value is true; delayed.
  • days, kPMElementConditionType_Days. Continue if the current day of the week is listed.
  • date range, kPMElementConditionType_DateRange. Continue if today is within the given range of dates.
  • time range, kPMElementConditionType_TimeRange. Continue if time now is within given range.
  • execute external, kPMElementConditionType_ExecuteExternal. Continue if the executable returns successfully.
  • full screen, kPMElementConditionType_FullScreen. Continue if the a display is captured for full screen use.
  • sample, kPMElementConditionType_Sample. Continue if the sample concludes successfully.
  • running processes, kPMElementConditionType_RunningProcesses.
  • power assertions, kPMElementConditionType_PowerAssertions. Continue if power assertions are set.
  • power state, kPMElementConditionType_PowerState. Continue if power state is matched.
  • battery health, kPMElementConditionType_BatteryHealth. Continue if the battery health is matched.
  • power remaining, kPMElementConditionType_PowerRemaining. Continue if the power remaining is matched.
  • sun, kPMElementConditionType_Sun. Continue if the position of the Sun is matched.
  • inactive, kPMElementConditionType_Inactive. Continue if user inactivity is matched.
  • console user, kPMElementConditionType_ConsoleUser. Continue if the primary console has a user.
  • start up, kPMElementConditionType_StartUp. Continue if seconds elapsed since start up is matched.