image, image, kPMElementImage — Built-in image identifiers.


image : string, choice


Built-in image identifiers.

These images are provided for use only within a specific context. Do not use these images for any other purpose than for their original purpose. Do not rely on the image's content remaining unchanged between releases; the meaning will however remaining constant.

image is a string. image must be one of the following 16 constants:

  • action cog, kPMElementImage_ActionCog.
  • alarm clock, kPMElementImage_AlarmClock.
  • fast user switch, kPMElementImage_FastUserSwitch. Switch to the Login Window.
  • log out, kPMElementImage_LogOut. Log out all users.
  • none, kPMElementImage_None. No pending events.
  • missing, kPMElementImage_Missing. No scheduler.
  • stopped, kPMElementImage_Stopped. Scheduler is not active.
  • restart, kPMElementImage_Restart. Restart the computer.
  • shut down, kPMElementImage_ShutDown. Shut down the computer.
  • sleep, kPMElementImage_Sleep. Put the computer to sleep.
  • wake up, kPMElementImage_WakeUp. Wake the computer up.
  • locked, kPMElementImage_Locked. Settings are locked.
  • restricted, kPMElementImage_Restricted. Settings require authorization.
  • application, kPMElementImage_Application. Run an application.
  • sun, kPMElementImage_Sun. Sunrise or sunset.
  • executable, kPMElementImage_Executable. Executable command line tool.