power, power, kPMElementPower — Power event.


power : string, choice


Power event.

Mac OS X supports two power events:

wake up from sleep;
power on from power off.

Mac hardware can be configured to wake from sleep, or power on from a powered off state. A third option to wake or power on, as appropriate, is available.

The hardware supports the scheduling of a single timed event. The engine and Mac OS X add the ability to schedule multiple power events.

power is a string. power must be one of the following three constants:

  • wake up, kPMElementPower_WakeUp. Wake up from sleep.
  • power on, kPMElementPower_PowerOn. Power on from power off.
  • power on or wake up, kPMElementPower_PowerOnOrWakeUp. Wake from sleep, or power on from power off.