SSL level, ssllevel, kPMElementSSLLevel — SSL level.


SSL level : string, choice, default, optional


SSL level.

SSL level is a string. If SSL level is omitted, the default TLSv1 is used. SSL level is optional. SSL level must be one of the following four constants:

  • SSLv2, kPMElementSSLLevel_SSLv2. Use SSLv2 security.
  • SSLv3, kPMElementSSLLevel_SSLv3. Use SSLv3 security.
  • TLSv1, kPMElementSSLLevel_TLSv1. Use TLSv1 security.
  • negotiated, kPMElementSSLLevel_Negotiated. Negotiate the security level; using TLS or SSL with fallback to lower versions.