trigger type, triggertype, kPMElementTriggerType — Types of trigger.


trigger type : string, choice


Types of trigger.

trigger type is a string. trigger type must be one of the following 16 constants:

  • once, kPMElementTriggerType_Once. Trigger the Event once on a specific date and time.
  • daily, kPMElementTriggerType_Daily. Trigger the Event at given time once on each specified day.
  • inactive, kPMElementTriggerType_Inactive. Trigger the Event after a given period of user inactivity has past.
  • notification, kPMElementTriggerType_Notification.
  • power on, kPMElementTriggerType_PowerOn.
  • start up, kPMElementTriggerType_StartUp. Trigger the event shortly after the host starts up.
  • log in, kPMElementTriggerType_LogIn. Trigger the event when a user logs into the console.
  • log out, kPMElementTriggerType_LogOut. Trigger the event when a user logs out of the console.
  • sample, kPMElementTriggerType_Sample. Trigger the event when a sample successfully concludes.
  • power state, kPMElementTriggerType_PowerState. Trigger the event when the source of power changes.
  • battery health, kPMElementTriggerType_BatteryHealth. Trigger the event a power source's battery health changes.
  • power remaining, kPMElementTriggerType_PowerRemaining. Trigger the event when a power source capacity changes.
  • sun, kPMElementTriggerType_Sun. Trigger the event when the sun reaches a specific angle.
  • external assistant, kPMElementTriggerType_ExternalAssistant. Trigger the event when an external assistant changes.
  • sleep, kPMElementTriggerType_Sleep. Trigger the event when the computer is about to sleep.
  • application, kPMElementTriggerType_Application. Trigger the event when an application change occurs.