store,, kPMRPCEventStoreStore — Store zero or more events.


void events,
replace existing);
events : array of s, default, unique;
replace existing : boolean, default;


Store zero or more events.

store adds an event to Scheduler's events. If the event's unique ID is unique, the provided event is added. If the event's unique ID matches an existing event's unique ID, the existing event is replaced by the provided event.

Use store to add and modify the Event Store's events.

Calling store with an existing event's unique ID, may cause the existing event to be removed and added, even if the provided event matches the existing event. The removal and addition can interrupt performing instances of the event.


events. Passing an empty array empties the scheduler's pending events queue in one request. events is an array of event structures. If events is omitted, a default is created. Each item in events must be unique.

replace existing. Replace existing events with provided events. replace existing is a boolean. If replace existing is omitted, the default false is used.


store can be requested by any authenticated client.

Unauthenticated clients are authorized using the right. By default, only local processes belonging to administrator can send a store request.




Example 56. C: Minimal

CFMutableDictionaryRef myRequest = PMRequestCreate(kCFAllocatorDefault, kPMRPCEventStoreStore);