set enabled, scheduler.setenabled, kPMRPCSchedulerSetEnabled — Set the Scheduler's enabled state.


void scheduler.setenabled( enabled);
enabled : boolean, default;


Set the Scheduler's enabled state.

Setting enabled to false, immediately stops events from performing. No trigger cause events to being performing. No event conditions will be evaluated.

Setting enabled to false will not affect events that have been triggered and are either evaluating their conditions, or performing.

Setting enabled to true, will allow events to be triggered. Only triggers the have fired after the set enabled request is successfully completed will cause their respective events to begin performing.

Setting enabled to its current value has no effect.


enabled. Value to set enabled to. enabled is a boolean. If enabled is omitted, the default true is used.


set enabled can be requested by any authenticated client.

Unauthenticated clients are authorized using the right. By default, only local processes belonging to administrator can send a set enabled request.




Example 123. C: Minimal scheduler.setenabled

CFMutableDictionaryRef myRequest = PMRequestCreate(kCFAllocatorDefault, kPMRPCSchedulerSetEnabled);