action await relative date, actionawaitrelativedate, kPMActionActionAwaitRelativeDate — Wait for a period of time.


action await relative date structure { type, seconds, availability, scatter, quiet, drift };
type : string, choice
seconds : integer, default, range 1..n
availability : string, choice, optional
scatter : integer, default, optional, range 60..43200
quiet : boolean, default, optional
drift : integer, default, optional, range 1..86400


Wait for a period of time.

The next action will not be performed until the specified period of time has passed.


type. Type of action to perform.

type is a string. type must be await relative date, kPMActionType_AwaitRelativeDate.

seconds. seconds to wait before continuing.

seconds is an integer. If seconds is omitted, the default 600 is used. seconds must be more than or equal to 1.

availability. Should the host be made available for this trigger.

availability is a string. availability is optional. availability must be one of the following three constants:

  • wake up, kPMActionAvailability_WakeUp.
  • power on, kPMActionAvailability_PowerOn.
  • power on or wake up, kPMActionAvailability_PowerOnOrWakeUp.

scatter. Scatter the date.

scatter is an integer. If scatter is omitted, the default 300 is used. scatter is optional. scatter must be between 60 and 43200, inclusive.

quiet. Minimise the notifications.

quiet is a boolean. If quiet is omitted, the default false is used. quiet is optional.

drift. Acceptable drift.

drift is an integer. If drift is omitted, the default 120 is used. drift is optional. drift must be between 1 and 86400, inclusive.