action execute external, actionexecuteexternal, kPMActionActionExecuteExternal — Execute an external process.


action execute external structure { type, external, continue };
type : string, choice
external : external structure
continue : string, choice, default, optional


Execute an external process.

Executes an external process. By default the next action is performed immediately. Use the optional fields to alter the action's behaviour after executing the process.


type. Type of action to perform.

type is a string. type must be execute external, kPMActionType_ExecuteExternal.

external. external to execute.

Details of the external executable to launch.

external is a external structure.

continue. When to continue performing any remaining actions.

When should any remaining actions be performed.

continue is a string. If continue is omitted, the default immediately is used. continue is optional. continue must be one of the following two constants:

  • immediately, kPMActionContinue_Immediately.
  • on exit, kPMActionContinue_OnExit.