action warn, actionwarn, kPMActionActionWarn — Warn users of imminent host affecting action.


action warn structure { type, seconds, image, message, context };
type : string, choice
seconds : integer, default, optional, range 1..60
image : string, length 1..1024, optional
message : string, length 1..1024, optional
context : dictionary, optional


Warn users of imminent host affecting action.

Notify active users of the host that an action is about to perform that will affect the host.

warn inserts an entry in the Notifications's warn queue. Interested clients observe this queue and display a prominent warning to users current active on the host.

This action must be included before shut down, log out, restart, and other significant actions.


type. Type of action to perform.

type is a string. type must be warn, kPMActionType_Warn.

seconds. Seconds to display the warning.

The warning will be active for this many seconds. While active the warning will appear in Notifications's warning queue.

Avoid including this value. A global default is used when this value is omitted. Administrators and users prefer consistent warning periods.

seconds is an integer. If seconds is omitted, the default 3 is used. seconds is optional. seconds must be between 1 and 60, inclusive.

image. A Universal Image Identifer.

image is a Universal Image Identifer (UII). The image may be used in association with the warning for any user interface.

image is a string. image is optional. image must be between 1 and 1024 characters long, inclusive.

message. Warning message.

message is a string. message is optional. message must be between 1 and 1024 characters long, inclusive.

context. Additional context for warning clients.

content must have string based keys and CFPropertyListRef valid values.

context is a dictionary. context is optional.