active event, activeevent, kPMActiveEvent — Active event instance.


active event structure { active ID, activity, event };
active ID : string, default, length 1..255
activity : string, choice
event : event structure


Active event instance.

active event represents a specific instance of an event. The instance is being performed or is in the process of evaluating its criteria.


active ID. Unique ID of the active event.

Each active event instance is provided with a unique ID. This identifier should be used to track and refer to the active event.

active ID has no relation to any other unique ID values.

active ID is a string. If active ID is omitted, a default is created. active ID must be between 1 and 255 characters long, inclusive.

activity. Type of activity event is undergoing.

activity is a string. activity must be one of the following two constants:

  • evaluating criteria, kPMActiveEventActivity_EvaluatingCriteria.
  • performing actions, kPMActiveEventActivity_PerformingActions.

event. The event being performed or evaluated.

event is a event structure.