application description, applicationdescription, kPMApplicationDescription — Description for launching an external process.


application description structure { path, open, arguments, user, additional environment, visibility, behaviours };
path : string, optional
open : array of strings, optional
arguments : array of strings, optional
user : string, default, length 1..n, optional
additional environment : dictionary, optional
visibility : string, choice, default, optional
behaviours : array of application behaviour elements, optional, unique


Description for launching an external process.

external describes all the detail needed to launch an external process. The structure provides fine grain control over how an external process should be configured.


path. Absolute path to the application.

If the application is a bundle, the path must refer to the top level of the bundle.

path is a string. path is optional.

open. Absolute file paths to open.

If the application path is omitted, each file is opened with the appropriate application.

open is an array of strings. open is optional.

arguments. Arguments to pass to the application.

Arguments are passed to the application via argv. arguments are ignored on Mac OS X 10.4, aka Tiger.

arguments is an array of strings. arguments is optional.

user. User to execute process as.

Short user name.

user is a string. If user is omitted, the default PME:active user is used. user is optional. user must be 1 characters or more.

additional environment. Set additional environment variables for the executable.

The dictionary's keys and values must be strings.

additional environment is a dictionary. additional environment is optional.

visibility. Is the application visible after launch.

visibility is a string. If visibility is omitted, the default visible is used. visibility is optional. visibility must be one of the following three constants:

  • visible, kPMApplicationDescriptionVisibility_Visible.
  • hidden, kPMApplicationDescriptionVisibility_Hidden.
  • hides others, kPMApplicationDescriptionVisibility_HidesOthers.

behaviours. Application behaviours.

Behaviours affecting how the application is launched.

behaviours is an array of application behaviour elements. behaviours is optional. Each item in behaviours must be unique.