process signature, processsignature, kPMProcessSignature — Process signature provides a robust means of identifying a running process.


process signature structure { type, comparison, options, ... };
type : string, choice, default
comparison : string, choice, default, optional
options : array of comparison option elements, optional, unique


Process signature provides a robust means of identifying a running process.


type. Type of process signature.

A process can be identified using a range of methods. The type determines which method is used.

type is a string. If type is omitted, the default name is used. type must be one of the following three constants:

  • bundle identifier, kPMProcessSignatureType_BundleIdentifier.
  • name, kPMProcessSignatureType_Name.
  • localised name, kPMProcessSignatureType_LocalisedName.

comparison. How should the process signature be compared.

comparison is a string. If comparison is omitted, the default contains is used. comparison is optional. comparison must be one of the following six constants:

  • equal to, kPMProcessSignatureComparison_EqualTo.
  • not equal to, kPMProcessSignatureComparison_NotEqualTo.
  • starts with, kPMProcessSignatureComparison_StartsWith.
  • ends with, kPMProcessSignatureComparison_EndsWith.
  • contains, kPMProcessSignatureComparison_Contains.
  • does not contain, kPMProcessSignatureComparison_DoesNotContain.

options. Comparison options allowing fine control over the comparison method.

options is an array of comparison option elements. options is optional. Each item in options must be unique.