process signature name, processsignaturename, kPMProcessSignatureProcessSignatureName — Match a process's bundle or executable name.


process signature name structure { comparison, options, type, name };
comparison : string, choice, default, optional
options : array of comparison option elements, optional, unique
type : string, choice, default
name : string, length 1..1024


Match a process's bundle or executable name.


comparison. How should the process signature be compared.

comparison is a string. If comparison is omitted, the default contains is used. comparison is optional. comparison must be one of the following six constants:

  • equal to, kPMProcessSignatureComparison_EqualTo.
  • not equal to, kPMProcessSignatureComparison_NotEqualTo.
  • starts with, kPMProcessSignatureComparison_StartsWith.
  • ends with, kPMProcessSignatureComparison_EndsWith.
  • contains, kPMProcessSignatureComparison_Contains.
  • does not contain, kPMProcessSignatureComparison_DoesNotContain.

options. Comparison options allowing fine control over the comparison method.

options is an array of comparison option elements. options is optional. Each item in options must be unique.

type. Type of process signature.

A process can be identified using a range of methods. The type determines which method is used.

type is a string. If type is omitted, the default name is used. type must be name, kPMProcessSignatureType_Name.

name. Bundle or executable name to compare to the process.

Name to compare against the process's bundle name. If the process is not bundled, the name is compared to the process's executable name.

name is a string. name must be between 1 and 1024 characters long, inclusive.