sample criterion, samplecriterion, kPMSampleCriterion — Criterion for concluding a sample.


sample criterion structure { type, value, result, ... };
type : string, choice, default
value : integer, default, optional
result : boolean, default, optional


Criterion for concluding a sample.

sample criterion provide a set of constraints used to judge a sample. The criterion is applied to the sample's window of collected data once the window is full; no evaluation occurs until enough samples have been collected to fill the window.


type. Type of criterion to apply.

type is a string. If type is omitted, the default equal is used. type must be one of the following two constants:

  • equal, kPMSampleCriterionType_Equal.
  • not equal, kPMSampleCriterionType_NotEqual.

value. Value to compare samples with.

value is an integer. If value is omitted, the default 0 is used. value is optional.

result. Result to publish, if criterion is met.

result is a boolean. If result is omitted, the default true is used. result is optional.