source, source, kPMSource — A description of a source.


source structure { unique ID, URL, notes, options, state, fetched, next };
unique ID : string, default, length 1..255
URL : string, length 3..4096
notes : string, default, length 0..4048, optional
options : URL options structure, optional
state : string, choice, default
fetched : date, optional
next : date, optional


A description of a source.


unique ID. Unique identifier.

unique ID must be unique within the immediate set of source. unique ID is used to identify a specific source within a set and for reporting.

unique ID is a string. If unique ID is omitted, a default is created. unique ID must be between 1 and 255 characters long, inclusive.

URL. URL of source.

Absolute URL to source. URL is used to fetch the source's configuration.

URL is a string. URL must be between 3 and 4096 characters long, inclusive.

notes. Notes about this source.

notes is provided to hold information about the source. notes should be used to describe why the source is listed, who manages it, and how to contact that person in case of problems.

notes is a string. If notes is omitted, the default "" is used. notes is optional. notes must be between 0 and 4048 characters long, inclusive.

options. Source URL specific options.

options is a URL options structure. options is optional.

state. State of the source.

state is a string. If state is omitted, the default waiting is used. state must be one of the following three constants:

  • waiting, kPMSourceState_Waiting.
  • fetching, kPMSourceState_Fetching.
  • error, kPMSourceState_Error.

fetched. Date of last successful fetch.

Date and time of the last successful fetch of this source. If the source has not been successfully fetched, fetched will be excluded.

fetched is a date. fetched is optional.

next. Date of next fetch attempt.

Earliest date and time of the next fetch attempt. The source should be enqueued for fetching at this date, but fetching can occur later. next will not be included if the source has been suspended or has encountered problems during previous attempts.

next is a date. next is optional.