trigger start up, triggerstartup, kPMTriggerTriggerStartUp — Trigger when the computer starts up.


trigger start up structure { type };
type : string, choice


Trigger when the computer starts up.

The trigger will fire shortly after the host has started up. The start up trigger is fired shortly after the engine is executed. The engine compares the last start up trigger date with the last start up date. If the trigger date is more distant than the start up date, the trigger fires.

The delay between starting up and the trigger firing will vary. The delay's duration depends on how soon the engine is executed and is able to evaluate the runtime environment.

Be careful when running executables that require the network or hardware resources. During start up many resources are being set up in parallel and may not yet be available.

You should not expect network or hardware resources to be available immediately; check the environment. Consider using an alternative trigger in these situations.


type. Type of trigger being described.

type is a string. type must be start up, kPMTriggerType_StartUp.