Part II. API Reference

Table of Contents

I. Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs)
pme.api.pmdctl — Primary interface for the Power Manager Engine.
II. Astronomic
astronomic.sunobservation — Calculate the time and date for an astronomical sun event.
III. Authorisation
authorisation.rights — Defined rights.
authorisation.applyright — Set a rule for a right.
IV. Build
build.version — Engine's release version.
build.revision — Engine's revision number.
build.restart — Restart the engine and associated processes.
V. Client
client.computername — Computer's name.
client.localhostname — Computer's local host name.
client.ethernetaddress — Primary ethernet address.
client.ethernetaddresses — All ethernet addresses.
client.machinemodel — Machine's model type.
VI. Event Store — Available events that can be triggered or performed. — Store zero or more events.
eventstore.remove — Remove an event.
eventstore.history — Event history.
VII. Legal
legal.licence — Engine's licence details.
legal.license — Set the licence details.
legal.revoke — Remove all licence information.
VIII. Listen
listen.sockets — Sockets the engine accepts incoming connections on.
listen.applysocket — Set a socket to listen for incoming connections on.
listen.removesocket — Remove a socket.
IX. Log
log.recent — Audit log tail.
log.filterlevel — Filtering out log messages with levels lower than this.
log.setfilterlevel — Set the filter level for new log messages.
X. Notifications
notifications.current — Notifying date and time based triggers with events.
notifications.warning — Warnings of host affecting actions.
notifications.warningperiod — Seconds to display warnings.
notifications.notifyperiod — Seconds to display notifications.
notifications.setwarningperiod — Set the seconds to display warnings.
notifications.setnotifyperiod — Sets seconds before an Event the user is notified.
XI. On Demand
ondemand.available — Available on demand events.
ondemand.perform — Perform an event's actions.
XII. Power
power.sources — Known sources of power.
XIII. Scheduler
scheduler.enabled — Can events be triggered.
scheduler.pending — Date and time based triggers with events. — Active events.
scheduler.assistants — Local assistant signatures.
scheduler.setenabled — Set the Scheduler's enabled state.
scheduler.cancel — Cancel a pending queued trigger.
scheduler.adjust — Adjust a pending trigger date.
scheduler.reset — Reset a pending trigger.
XIV. Time Zone — name
timezone.utcoffset — UTC offset in seconds
XV. Structures
SSL — A description of a SSL configuration.
URL options — URL options.
action — Task to perform.
action sleep — Put the computer to sleep.
action shut down — Shut down the computer.
action restart — Restart the computer.
action log out — Log out all users.
action fast user switch — Switch to the Login Window.
action notification — Post a notification.
action execute external — Execute an external process.
action launch application — Launch an application.
action warn — Warn users of imminent host affecting action.
action await once — Wait for a specific time and date to occur.
action await daily — Wait for a specific time and day to occur.
action await relative date — Wait for a period of time.
action await user inactivity — Wait for a period of user inactivity.
action await notification — Wait for a notification.
action await power on — Wait for the computer to power on.
action await start up — Wait for the computer to start up.
action await sleep — Wait for the computer to sleep.
action await sample — Wait for a sample to conclude.
action await log in — Wait for a user to log in.
action await log out — Wait for a user to log out.
action await battery health — Wait for battery health to reach specific state.
action await power state — Wait for the source of power to change.
action await power remaining — Wait for the power remaining to change.
action await sun — Wait for a specific sun observation to occur.
action await external assistant — Wait for a change in the external assistants.
action await application — Wait for an application to launch or quit.
active event — Active event instance.
application description — Description for launching an external process.
assistant — Assistant details.
authorisation right — An authorisation right.
condition — Description of a testable condition that resolves to a boolean.
condition boolean — A constant condition.
condition delayed boolean — A delayed constant condition.
condition days — Conditional on the day of the week.
condition date range — Conditional on the date falling within a specific period.
condition time range — Conditional on the time now falling within a specific period.
condition execute external — Conditional on the external executable's exit status.
condition sample — Conditional on a sample's successful conclusion.
condition running processes — Conditional on whether specific processes are running.
condition power assertions — Conditional on whether other processes have power assertions set.
condition power state — Conditional on the computer's power source state.
condition battery health — Conditional on the battery health.
condition power remaining — Conditional on the power remaining.
condition sun — Conditional on the Sun's position being between two events.
condition user inactivity — Conditional on the period of user inactivity.
condition console user — Conditional on a user being logged in.
condition start up — Conditional on time since start up.
criteria — Group of conditions to test.
event — Event containing triggers to observe, conditions to test, and actions to perform.
event history — Event history.
external — Description for executing an external process.
external executable — Execute the external executable.
external inline — Execute the inline content.
external criterion — Criterion for judging an external executable sample.
external criterion interpret — Interpret the output as a number.
external criterion contains — Output contains a value.
geolocation — Geospatial location.
licence — Licence details for this Power Manager Engine.
log message
power source — A power source.
power source serial — Power source connected via a serial cable.
power source USB — Power source connected via a USB cable.
power source network — Power source connected via a network connection.
power source internal — Internal power source such as a fitted or removable battery.
power source unknown — Unknown power source.
power source filter — A profile for filtering power source changes.
process signature — Process signature provides a robust means of identifying a running process.
process signature bundle identifier — Match a process's bundle identifier.
process signature name — Match a process's bundle or executable name.
process signature localised name — Match a process's localised name.
queued trigger — Queued trigger instance.
queued warning — Host wide warning.
resource limits — Constraints for external processes.
sample — Description for sampling.
sample execute external — Sample from an external executable.
sample criterion — Criterion for concluding a sample.
sample criterion equal — Judge the samples looking for a positive match.
sample criterion not equal — Judge the samples looking for a negative match.
socket — A description of a TCP/IP socket.
source — A description of a source.
trigger — Description of an external event or potential change in state to watch.
trigger once — Trigger once on a given time and date.
trigger daily — Trigger at a given time on given days of the week.
trigger after inactivity — Trigger after a given period of user inactivity.
trigger notification — Trigger on receiving a notification.
trigger power on — Trigger when the computer powers on.
trigger start up — Trigger when the computer starts up.
trigger log in — Trigger when a user logs in.
trigger log out — Trigger when a user logs out.
trigger sleep — Trigger when the computer is about to sleep.
trigger sample — Trigger when a sample successfully concludes.
trigger power state — Trigger when the source of power changes.
trigger power remaining — Trigger when the power remaining changes.
trigger battery health — Trigger when a power source's battery health changes.
trigger sun — Trigger at a given angle of the Sun.
trigger external assistant — Trigger when an external assistant changes.
trigger application — Trigger when an application launches or quits.
XVI. Elements
SSL allowances — SSL allow.
SSL level — SSL level.
URL — Universal Resource Locator
access rights — Available rights.
action type — Types of action.
application behaviour — Application launch behaviours.
application change — Application change.
application visibility — Application visibility.
astronomical sun event — Astronomical Sun event.
authorisation rule — Rules available to rights.
behaviour — Event wide behaviours.
comparison — Value comparison methods.
comparison option — Comparison options.
condition type — Types of condition.
day — Days of the week.
days — Days of the week. Any combination of unique days.
delay by seconds — Seconds to delay by.
drift — Acceptable date and time drift.
encoding — Encoding formats.
event activity — Active event state.
external continues — When to continue performing remaining actions.
external criterion type — Types of external criterion.
external files — Special case external files.
external type — Types of externals.
external user types — Types of special case users.
image — Built-in image identifiers.
latitude — Latitude.
licence state — Available licence states.
longitude — Longitude.
message level — Levels of log messages.
notification — Notification.
numeric comparison — Numeric value comparison methods.
port — TCP/IP port.
power — Power event.
power confidence — The power source confidence.
power health — The power source health.
power source capacity — Power source capacity.
power source type — The power source type.
power state — The power source state.
process signature type — Types of process signature.
protocol family — Supported network protocols.
quiet — Minimise notifications.
requires — How many must resolve to true.
right — Known rights.
sample criterion type — Types of sample criterion.
scatter — Seconds, plus and minus, to scatter a date and time by.
scope — Scope of notification.
socket options — Socket options.
socket state — Socket states.
source state — Source states.
source type — Types of sample sources.
time out — Duration after which a silent connection is disconnected.
trigger type — Types of trigger.
unique ID — Unique identifier (ID).
value — Value to compare against.