Table of Contents

SSL allowances — SSL allow.
SSL level — SSL level.
URL — Universal Resource Locator
access rights — Available rights.
action type — Types of action.
application behaviour — Application launch behaviours.
application change — Application change.
application visibility — Application visibility.
astronomical sun event — Astronomical Sun event.
authorisation rule — Rules available to rights.
behaviour — Event wide behaviours.
comparison — Value comparison methods.
comparison option — Comparison options.
condition type — Types of condition.
day — Days of the week.
days — Days of the week. Any combination of unique days.
delay by seconds — Seconds to delay by.
drift — Acceptable date and time drift.
encoding — Encoding formats.
event activity — Active event state.
external continues — When to continue performing remaining actions.
external criterion type — Types of external criterion.
external files — Special case external files.
external type — Types of externals.
external user types — Types of special case users.
image — Built-in image identifiers.
latitude — Latitude.
licence state — Available licence states.
longitude — Longitude.
message level — Levels of log messages.
notification — Notification.
numeric comparison — Numeric value comparison methods.
port — TCP/IP port.
power — Power event.
power confidence — The power source confidence.
power health — The power source health.
power source capacity — Power source capacity.
power source type — The power source type.
power state — The power source state.
process signature type — Types of process signature.
protocol family — Supported network protocols.
quiet — Minimise notifications.
requires — How many must resolve to true.
right — Known rights.
sample criterion type — Types of sample criterion.
scatter — Seconds, plus and minus, to scatter a date and time by.
scope — Scope of notification.
socket options — Socket options.
socket state — Socket states.
source state — Source states.
source type — Types of sample sources.
time out — Duration after which a silent connection is disconnected.
trigger type — Types of trigger.
unique ID — Unique identifier (ID).
value — Value to compare against.