Installers bring all your Power Manager resources together into one bundle. We recommend creating installers even if you do not intend to create an Installer package for distribution.

An installer can be used in two ways:

To create an Apple Installer application ready installer package. In one click, you can create an installer package (.mpkg) embedded within a compressed disk image (.dmg). The resulting image can be distributed by e-mail, over a network, or through physical media such as a disc. The installer is self contained and does not need a network connection to work.

To bundle up a choice of schedule, licence group, and set up options for distribution over the network. Professional can take your installer and distribute the contents over the network to any Power Manager enabled Mac you are connected to.

Procedure 4.16. Create an Installer

  • Select the menu item: File > New > New Installer.

Procedure 4.17. Build an Installer Package

  1. Select the installer to build.
  2. Enable (check) the I agree to the distribution terms and condition checkbox.
  3. Click the Build Installer… button.

Procedure 4.18. Delete an Installer

  1. Select the installer to remove.
  2. Select the menu item: Edit > Delete.