Power Manager requires a licence to operate beyond the initial demonstration period. Managing and entering licence information can be time consuming and error prone. Professional provides Licences to ease this process.

Licences provides a place to manage licence groups. A licence group is a collection of Power Manager licence details.

Each licence group provides a notes field. The notes field is for your use and is not used by Professional. Consider using this field to store information about when licences were purchased, or who your contact is for the associated licences.

Create a licence group for each department, client, or group you deal with.

A licence group per department might mean:

  • Human Resources
  • Accounting
  • Factory

A licence group per client might mean:

  • Smith and Sons Architects
  • Walter Joe's Design
  • Maryland School

A single licence group should be used to represent an entity within your organisation, such as "Human Resources". When the human resources department licenses Power Manager for their Macs, those licence details are added to their licence group.

If the human resources department wants to purchase another licence for additional Macs, this licence can then be appended to the "Human Resources" licence group. Both licences will appear together within the one licence group. This licence group can then be deployed as a single item to all the human resources' computers.

Procedure 4.12. Create a Licence Group

  • Select the menu item: File > New > New Licence Group….

Procedure 4.13. Add a Licence

  1. Select the licence group to add to.
  2. Click the button Add….

Procedure 4.14. Remove a Licence

  1. Select the licence group to remove from.
  2. Select the licence to remove, within the licence group.
  3. Click the button Remove.

Procedure 4.15. Delete a Licence Group

  1. Select the licence group to remove.
  2. Select the menu item: Edit > Delete.