The Notifications view shows the pending triggers that have active notifications.

Figure 2.4. Computer Notifications View

Computer Notifications View

When a trigger time falls within the notify period, a notification is presented to the user. Every user who logs in or is using the Mac during the notify period is warned about the forthcoming trigger.

Notifications are provided to allow the Mac's user time to save their work and, if needed, respond to the pending trigger. Administrators can cancel or delay triggers and these options are included in the appropriate notifications.

Remote shows the notifications to let you know that the Mac is in the process of notifying its users. The Notifications view also helps highlight pending triggers that may affect your ability to access the Mac. A pending trigger might be about to put the Mac to sleep, or shut down the computer for the night.

The Notifications view's tab displays a count of the number of pending triggers.

If no trigger is currently pending, the Notifications view will be empty.

Tap on a notification to adjust the pending trigger.

Procedure 2.8. Adjust a Notifying Pending Trigger

  1. Tap on pending trigger's row.

  2. See the section called “Queued Trigger”.