Alternative Event Creators

The Schedule Assistant is not the only means of creating Power Manager events. Power Manager's event format is open and extensively documented. The following alternatives are also available.


Events can be created through Power Manager's AppleScript interface. AppleScript offers complete access to Power Manager's capabilities. Using AppleScript requires knowledge of the AppleScript language and, we recommend, studying the format of existing Power Manager events before embarking on the creation of events from scratch.


Events can be created through Power Manager's Automator Action New Event. This Action allows Automator workflows to create events as part of an Automator workflow. The events supported are limited compared to the Schedule Assistant, but suited to workflow situations.

Quick Schedule

Quick Schedule allows you easily create one off events; one off events are triggered only once at specific time on a specific date. Quick Schedule is available from the Power Manager status menu bar.

If you find yourself starting a download, back-up, or other long running process but then wanting to leave the computer unattended for the rest of the day. Instead of leaving the computer on, create a one off shut down event in half an hour or an hour, using Quick Schedule. The long running process has enough to finish, and the computer will be safely shut down afterwards.

Command Line

Events can be created through Power Manager's command line interface. The command line tool pmctl offers complete access to Power Manager's capabilities.


The command line experience is not recommended for most users. If you decided to use the command line to create events, please take the time to read the pmctl documentation. You will also find the Developer documentation useful in shaping your events.

Power Manager Professional

The best way to create Power Manager events is to use Power Manager Professional. Power Manager Professional offers a graphical editor for creating any type of event. As the name suggests Power Manager Professional is not designed for casual users; in the right hands you can create incredibly powerful events capable of automating almost any task.

Events created by Power Manager Professional can be used with Power Manager. If you need a specific event created, consider asking or a hiring a Power Manager Professional user to help craft the event for you.