Chapter 2. Installing Power Manager

Power Manager requires installation before it can be used. Power Manager needs to install files onto your Mac in specific locations in order to work.

The key steps for installing Power Manager are:

  • Downloading the latest disk image;
  • Copying Power Manager to the Applications folder;
  • Running Power Manager and selecting Install

Downloading Power Manager

To install Power Manager, you need a copy of the latest Power Manager distribution from DssW. The latest distribution is free to download from the DssW web site.

Visit the following page and the latest Power Manager distribution will automatically begin downloading:

The distribution file is a disk image and, once downloaded, will appear in your Downloads folder.

Once you have a copy of the Power Manager distribution, you do not need to be connected to the Internet to complete the installation.

[Note] Back Up Before Installing New Software

Remember to back up your Mac before installing Power Manager. You must always back up before installing any new software on your Mac. If something should go wrong, or if you experience problems, a recent back up is essential to returning your Mac to a known state.

[Note] Installing Over Older Versions

It is safe to install Power Manager over the top of an existing installation.

[Note] Always Update

We always recommend keeping your installation of Power Manager up-to-date, because we regularly release free updates and improvements to Power Manager. You can update your version of Power Manager by downloading and installing the latest version over the top of an older version.