Setting Up Power Manager

To complete the installation steps you will need administrator privileges for your Mac. These privileges are required by to place files in locations outside of your home folder. Power Manager affects everyone who uses your computer, so only users with administrator privileges are allowed to install Power Manager.

To install Power Manager, a copy of the Power application must be copied into your Mac's Applications folder.

Procedure 2.1. How to Copy to the Applications Folder

  1. Run the Power Manager application.
  2. When asked, allow Power Manager to Move to Applications Folder.
[Note] Running Outside Applications

You can run Power Manager directly from the disk image or another location. However, when run outside of the Applications folder, some Power Manager functionality may not work properly.

Installing the Scheduling Engine

Power Manager needs to install a small number of files within your Mac's Library folder. We call this collection of the files the Scheduling Engine. The Scheduling Engine is responsible for performing events and making sure your schedule happens even when you are not logged in.

Procedure 2.2. How to Install the Scheduling Engine

  1. Run the Power Manager application.
  2. Click on the Install button.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

After installing or removing the Scheduling Engine, we recommend you restart your Mac.