Crashing, Kernel Panics, and Power Manager

Is your Mac crashing or suffering kernel panics? Think Power Manager might be to blame?

We are occasionally asked if Power Manager can cause problems with a computer. Typically the concern is instability, crashing, or kernel panic related. Being a powerful tool, it is reasonable to question Power Manager’s potential role.

We are happy to reply:

Power Manager can not cause kernel panics or crash your Mac.

We can say this definitely because:

If part of Power Manager encounters problems, that part may crash. As a user level process only that part of Power Manager is affected. Just like any other application, macOS isolates the crash to the single problematic process.

So if you are suffering problems with your Mac, and you think Power Manager may be part of the problem, find the crash and kernel panic logs. Get in touch and send us a copy of the log files.