Installing Power Manager

Power Manager is distributed as a set of Installer packages. A meta-package is provided to combine the packages and offer a choice of optional features.


The meta-package combines the Power Manager packages. The meta-package contains the required files to support Mac OS X 10.3 and a distribution script to natively support Mac OS X 10.4's improved Installer.

Core and Optional Packages

Power Manager's packages are divided between a core engine and a set of optional features.

Only the core engine needs to be installed for Power Manager to perform a schedule. The core engine consists of two packages.

We recommend you minimally install a third package; this package provides command line access to Power Manager and its scheduler.

Installation Order

The order in which packages are installed is important. You must install the Power Management Framework first; the shared framework is required by all the other packages.

Power Manager Framework must be installed first.

With the framework installed, there is no required order for the remaining packages.