Quick Schedule…

Quick Schedule provides an easy method of adjusting the energy schedule without opening the System Preferences.

The Quick Schedule… menu option displays a 3 step dialog.

Step 1

Step 1 asks for the task to perform. The available tasks are:

Depending on the situation, some tasks may be disabled or hidden. If there are no pending events to cancel, the Cancel pending events task will be disabled.

Step 2

Step 2's options change depending on your choice in Step 1. Step 1's choice can be changed at any time, and Step 2 will change appropriately.

Add an event

Use Quick Schedule's Add an event to create a one off event that is needed within the next hour. This task is useful for shutting down after downloads, print jobs, or other long running unplanned tasks.

Step 2 offers a combination of any action and a range of three times.

The actions available to Quick Schedule are:

The relative times available to Quick Schedule are:

Each user has one Quick Schedule event. Each time you use Quick Schedule your new event replaces your previous Quick Schedule event.

If you use Quick Schedule to set up a sleep event in ten minutes, and subsequently use Quick Schedule again. The original sleep event will not occur.

Limiting each user to one Quick Schedule event helps keep your schedule free of clutter. Quick Schedule names events in such a way to let other users know who created the exceptional event.

powermanagerctl scheduler.set

AppleScript 'tell scheduler to add'

Cancel pending events

Use Quick Schedule's Cancel pending events to disable Power Manager for short periods of time. This task is useful for disabling Power Manager during holidays or other periods when you will not be following your normal routine.

Step 2 offers a range of periods within which to cancel any pending events. The time periods available are:

Quick Schedule calculates each time period and presents either the specific hour or day.

If the time is within 10 minutes of the hour, Quick Schedule will extend the hourly offering to the next hour

Stop events / Start events

Use Quick Schedule's Stop events and Start events to stop or start Power Manager. This task is useful for stopping Power Manager for long periods, or for toggling Power Manager on and off to restore cancelled events.

Step 2 does not have any options.

Step 3

Step 3 provides two choices. Click OK to perform the quick task, or Cancel to close the dialog.