Getting Started

Congratulations! Your Mac is ready for your new energy saving schedule.

Create Your Energy Saving Schedule

You now need to create your energy saving schedule.

For more information see User Guide > Creating a Schedule.

Where is Power Manager?

Power Manager is not hiding from you; it is installed on your Mac.

Power Manager does not have an application for you to find and run. Power Manager is always running but does its best not to get in your way.

You create your schedule using the System Preference panel. Power Manager has added its icon there for you.

To make things even easier, Power Manager has added a small menu bar icon to the top-right of your screen. At the moment it probably looks like a light grey dashed circle.

Click on the Power Manager menu bar icon.

You will get a menu giving you quick access to everything you need to use Power Manager.

For more information see User Guide.

What next?

Next, buy a licence to continue using Power Manager beyond the 30 day trial. After 30 days Power Manager will stop scheduling new events, and your energy saving will stop.

To get the very best value from Power Manager, talk to your boss and colleagues about deploying energy saving software throughout your school or business.

Need Help?

Power Manager comes with guides to get you started, snippets to show off our AppleScript support, and detailed deployment information for administrators.

For more information see User Guide.

For more information see AppleScript Guide.

For more information see Administrator Guide.

You can also get technical help through our support e-mail address. If you need a quote, invoice, or information about deploying Power Manager, please get in touch.

Thank you for using Power Manager.