Mirror files after inactivity – Schedule Assistant for Power Manager

Workflow Events Task

Take a snapshot of a folder or file, after a specific period of user inactivity. Makes an identical copy of a set of files and folders; also known as mirroring. This task is included as part of Power Manager's Schedule Assistant and is part of the Workflow Events category of tasks.

Below are the steps that make the "Mirror files after inactivity" task.

Mirror Settings

Mirror which file or folder?

Choose the file or folder to take a snapshot of.

You select a file or folder.

Save mirror where?

Choose where to save the snapshot to.

You select a folder.

After Inactivity

After how long inactive?

How long must the user be inactive before triggering the event?

You enter a time duration.


Event Name

Name the event performing this task.

You type a word or sentence.


Notes about why this event is needed.

You type a word, sentence, or paragraph.