Play a movie – Schedule Assistant for Power Manager

Presentation Events Task

Play a movie in QuickTime Player at a specific time and date. This task is included as part of Power Manager's Schedule Assistant and is part of the Presentation Events category of tasks.

Below are the steps that make the "Play a movie" task.


Play which movie?

Choose a movie to play.

You select a file or folder.

Play full screen?

Play the movie expanded to use the full screen?

You select one of the following:

  • Full Screen
  • Within a Window

Should the movie loop?

Play the movie on loop until stopped?

You select one of the following:

  • Loop
  • Play Once


When should it be performed?

What time and date should be the event be triggered?

You enter a date and time.


Event Name

Name the event performing this task.

You type a word or sentence.


Notes about why this event is needed.

You type a word, sentence, or paragraph.