DssW Releases Power Manager v1.0

UK, Europe - 22 November 1999 - DssW today announced the release of Power Manager v1.0, a powerful system addition enhancing the Energy Saving features of the Macintosh!

What is Power Manager?

Power Manager is a new system addition for the Macintosh. Power Manager enables your Macintosh to switch on and off automatically to a schedule.

The fully configurable Scheduler enables multiple start ups and shut downs per day. Each day of the week can be independently controlled!

Power Manager provides greater control over the Energy Saving features of the Macintosh.

Combining Power Manager with our template AppleScripts and tutorials enables you to set up fully automated tasks through out the whole week!

Just Imagine…



Power Macintosh with Energy Saver installed.

System 7.6 or greater.


Licences can be ordered direct from DssW. Orders can be placed via Internet, fax or by post. We accept a range of credit/debit cards and cheques in GBP. Orders can be placed directly from Power Manager using the Secure Purchasing System (SPS).