DssW Launch Power Manager v1.0 Release 2000

Hereford, UK - July 2000 - Since November 1999 Power Manager has been installed in numerous Macintosh systems including companies, design and web hosting studios, museums and private homes.

Power Manager has established itself as a reliable and worthy addition to any Mac user’s essential utilities.

##Power Manager v1.0 Release 2000


Power Manager is a system addition for the Macintosh. Power Manager extends the capabilities of the Energy Saver control panel.

With Power Manager your Macintosh can be scheduled to start up and shut down each day without any human interaction. Power Manager enhances access to the Energy Saver functionality of the Macintosh.

Release 2000 features include:

A free downloaded trial edition of Power Manager is available from DssW’s web site and various FTP sites around the world http://www.dssw.co.uk/products/.

Power Manager has proved to be a great success on servers and desktop Macs alike.



Power Manager Licences can be purchased online, by fax or post. We accept credit and debit cards, cheques and company purchase orders. Visit our shop at


Single User Licences start at 25 GBP (approx. 40 USD).