DssW announces the release of Power Manager 2

UK, Europe - 19 March 2001 - DssW today announces the release of Power Manager 2, a professional automation, scheduling and energy management tool for the Macintosh.

About DssW Power Manager 2.0

DssW Power Manager is a Macintosh utility that provides a suite of tools for network administrators, bespoke solution providers and professional Mac users alike.

Using Power Manager you can start up, shut down, wake up and put your computer to sleep without requiring any user interaction.

This new release introduces the sophisticated Launcher. Using the Launcher you can launch your applications, open your documents and run your AppleScripts at predefined events or times. Unique to the Launcher are its conditions and modifiers. Using these you can control, direct and refine the situations in which your tasks are triggered.

New features in Power Manager 2 include the Launcher, two new Schedulers, remote configuration, administration facilities and full AppleScript support.

Whatever your automation, scheduling or energy management needs, DssW Power Manager is designed to be at the heart of the solution.

Visit http://www.dssw.co.uk/powermanager/ to learn more about DssW Power Manager 2’s new features and to download a free 14 day demonstration.

Review licences are available on request.

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