DssW Authorised Reseller Programme - Reducing Mac's carbon footprint

Vancouver, Canada - 5 August, 2008 - DssW Power Manager, an energy saving solution for Mac computers, has been added to BC Hydro’s Product Incentive Program (PIP). Businesses can now receive a $6 CAD incentive from BC Hydro for each computer the program is installed on.

DssW Power Manager is the first Mac-only product to be included in BC Hydro’s PIP. PIP offers financial incentives to BC Hydro business customers for the installation of pre-approved energy efficient products.

“We are very pleased to add DssW Power Manager for Mac to our list of eligible energy-efficient products for PIP,” said Carmelina Sorace, Commercial Marketing Manager for BC Hydro Power Smart. “The product will help businesses save money and improve their work environment. Little changes can go along way in achieving energy savings.”

DssW Power Manager helps schools and businesses save energy by automating Mac computers. Users can schedule their Macs to start up or wake, shut down, restart, log out, switch to the login window, wake, and sleep.

DssW Power Manager : http://www.dssw.co.uk/powermanager/

Eligible BC Hydro customers can purchase DssW Power Manager through Macinhome. Macinhome is a BC based Authorised DssW Reseller.

Macinhome : http://www.macinhome.com/

BC Hydro’s Product Incentive Program : http://www.bchydro.com/incentives/

About DssW

DssW is a European software company set up by John Fancourt and Graham Miln. The company formed in 1997 to develop and distribute the first edition of Power Manager. Today DssW continues to develop leading Macintosh energy saving software. DssW also hosts Sleep Centre http://www.dssw.co.uk/sleepcentre/, the largest Mac energy saving discussion archive on the Internet.