Power Manager 4.3 - Energy Saving Software for Mac OS X

Hereford, UK - 18 August, 2014 - DssW, the leading developer of Mac energy saving software, today announced the release of Power Manager 4.3 for Mac OS X. This release lets users connect to and remotely manage multiple Macs running Power Manager. Also improved is support for Apple’s forthcoming OS X 10.10, Yosemite.

Power Manager is an energy saving solution for Mac OS X. Power Manager enables users to create sophisticated energy saving schedules and to automate complex tasks. Power Manager can power on a Mac, run a series of tasks, and power off the Mac without requiring any interaction.

“Power Manager 4.3 rewards those running multiple copies of Power Manager.” said Graham Miln, Director. “The new network interface makes managing a home or small business network much easier.”

Support for Bonjour, ZeroConf, networking has been added throughout Power Manager. The command line tool pmctl now supports resolving and connecting to Bonjour-addressed Macs. This eases workflow integration and writing scripts for dynamic networks.

Complementing the command line support are network improvements in the Power Manager application. The application can now browse Bonjour domains and connect to networked Macs running Power Manager. The application then provides complete control over the networked Mac’s settings and schedule.

Remote schedules can be dragged and dropped between Macs. Events can be edited on remote Macs as easily as they can be on a local Mac. These improvements make maintaining Power Manager across a small network trivial.

As with previous versions of Power Manager, all connections are encrypted using SSL/TLS and administrator credentials are required for the Mac being managed.

With OS X 10.10 forthcoming, Power Manager 4.3 improves support for this major operating system update. DssW will release further updates, if required, once Apple has finalised OS X 10.10.

For more information, and to download a 30 day demonstration of Power Manager, visit: http://www.dssw.co.uk/powermanager/

Pricing and Availability

Power Manager is available through the DssW web site for 39.95 EUR.

Power Manager supports Mac OS X 10.7 through OS X 10.10.

This update is highly recommended and is free for users of Power Manager 4. Existing users can update using Power Manager’s automatic software update.

About DssW

DssW is a European software company set up by John Fancourt and Graham Miln. The company formed in 1997 to develop and distribute the first edition of Power Manager. Today DssW continues to develop leading Mac energy saving software.