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10.3.6 upgrade - Anybody having battery problems?

Message #1 - Posted 2004/11/10 - Robert Peirce

Since upgrading to 10.3.6 on my PowerBook G4, I have been plagued by sudden battery discharge. It will stay at relatively full charge for 10-20 minutes and then suddenly drop to 0% charge with one LED lighting on the battery. It ran for 1-2 hours under 10.3.5,

When fully charged it shows 8-9 hours!! It used to show about 2 hours.

I thought it was recharging quickly, but this is not consistent. One time it recharged in about 10-15 minutes. This time it has been on for an hour and is only up to 6%.

I tried resetting the PRAM. I also tried removing the battery and reinstalling it after a minute or so. Neither did anything.

I had been posting in comp.sys.mac.apps, but I realized this is a portable problem. Anybody else seeing this?

Robert B. Peirce, Venetia, PA 724-941-6883
bob AT [Mac]
rbp AT [Office]

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