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10.3.8--no keyboard power startup?

Message #1 - Posted 2005/02/15 - Telamon

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Telamon wrote:

Previously, nosredna wrote:

Ever since I upgraded to 10.3.8, I can't start up my G4 from my keyboard's (Macally iKey) power key. It's no big deal to use the G4's power key instead, but... Has anyone else noticed this change?

I was wondering when third party hardware problems would start showing up.

I have a logitech mouse and upon startup the mouse does not always get recognized. The apple keyboard is responsive but the mouse does not move the cursor until I unplug it and then plug it back in. I have not seen the problem occur on restart.

I might try reinstalling the mouse driver.

I have not noted any other problems with the system. The logs look normal.

Reinstalling the mouse drive appears to have solved the problem.

Ventura, California

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