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12" iBook: does your battery fit?

Message #1 - Posted 2003/12/16 - BCLee

I just got a 12" iBook G4, and the battery doesn't seem to fit very well. Three corners are flush with the case, but the 4th, the one under the trackpad, sticks up (or down, I guess) about the width of a dime. This leave a gap along the front middle of the iBook where it hangs down.

Is this normal? Does yours fit, or do all of tham have a gap?

Message #2 - Posted 2003/12/16 - Brian C. Lee

BCLee wrote:

I just got a 12" iBook G4,

Sorry, ignore the double post . . . you can thank SBC for that, which said the original didn't go through, so after waiting many hours and not seeing it show up, I posted again. Only to start seeing replies to my original post (although so far not the post itself).

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