Anyone with a July 2000 G4 (Sawtooth) able to "low power" sleep

Ernest wrote on :

So for a year and a half I put up with not being able to sleep my G4 Gigabit because of a SCSI card. It wouldn't even let me spin down the drives.

I ripped the SCSI out and I still can't get into low power sleep. ASP reports my Rage 128 Pro is the problem.

I swapped the ADC connector version with a DVI version (the Apple Rage 128 Pro upgrade part) so I could use my DVI 15" Studio Flat panel.
Presumably the ADC version supports "low power". I can't believe the DVI version doesn't.

My G4 Firmware is at the current 4.1.8 level and I can't find any Rage 128 Pro Firmware.

Has anyone solved this? Pointers?

TIA Ernest

P.S. The system is much faster running off the Maxtor 80GB that the Ultra 2 SCSI. It saves a minute on startup not having to hunt for 14 SCSI devices (that aren't there) too.