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Belkin F8E464 battery AA pack for iPod: "Not compatible with disk mode"

Message #1 - Posted 2005/02/09 - basher

Could someone please help to explain this: There's an add-on sticker on the newest lot of Belkin F8464 double A battery pack for 3G iPod with dock connector: ""Not compatible with disk mode." Did Belkin find this issue after this $60 product was released? Will this affect what I can do with the iPod even when it's not hooked up to the battery pack? I've downloaded all of Apple's iTunes and system updates (10.3.7) but I find that the iPod wants to freeze intermittently, and this only happens when using the Belkin F8464 battery pack. Why isn't the Belkin compatible with disk mode and why does the battery pack intermittently freeze the iPod (3G, 40 gig)? Thanks!

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