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BW rev 2 boot issues. pram zap addiction.

Message #1 - Posted 2007/02/05 - Gus

I know this is a common problem that many people have had. But so far i havn't read if anyone has resolved it. The problem is booting between os9 and osx. You can boot/reboot into osx and os9 without any problems. You can boot from osx to os9 without problem. but when you boot from os9 to osx, the monitor remains black and you have to zap the pram in order to get the machine to boot into osx. Even booting from osx to a os9 cd requires that the machine have a pram zap before the machine can be rebooted into X. I have tried two version of X. Both Panther and Tiger. Same problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

Machine Configuration:

Mac 400 MHZ rev 2 B&W
seperate drive with osx installed
seperate drive with os9 installed.
256 meg of ram installed.

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