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Closed Lid Operation

Message #1 - Posted 2008/03/11 - London.Embankment


I generally use my laptop (15" MBP 2.4GHz, 4Gb, 200Gb) as a desktop replacement. I have an older 23" apple cinema display (acrylic) and a standard aluminum keyboard and wireless mighty mouse. Since I upgraded to Leopard I can no longer simply hookup my power, DVI, and usb to reliably boot with the lid closed. 90+ percent of the time, I end up with the dispaly on the MBP turning on, going through the "gear" screen with the Apple log, and then kernel panic. If I leave the lid up, it boots into dual screen mode. Afterwards if I put the machine to sleep, close the lid, and hit the keyboard to wake up, the laptop display comes on and the external monitor powers back up with a black screen and sits there until it goes back to sleep. If I move the mouse over to the 2nd display, it appears as the beach ball of death.

I have run through removing all usb devices, using different keyboard/ mouse combinations, no firewire conected, and most other combinations of only a mouse, keyboard and display connected. I have also reset the SMC module, and so far the only thing to make this work reliably is to boot my old 10.4.11 image.

This is a quite frustrating, any thoughts/suggestions?


Message #2 - Posted 2008/03/11 - David Kennedy

On 11/3/08 13:26, wrote:

This is a quite frustrating, any thoughts/suggestions?


With all these Macs lying around why do you still use Windows?

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