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My MDD Dual 867 will no longer go to sleep. It now takes about about 20 secs. to go to sleep (it used to happen in less than 5 secs.) and then wakes up again. Usually immediately though sometimes it takes a little while.

Any thoughts?

Some USB devices can cause this - try disconnecting all of them and see if this cures it. You may need to reboot after disconnecting them though. I see this happen if I take my Sony Clie out of cradle while my Mac's asleep - it wakes up and thereafter won't sleep until it's been rebooted. Odd.

I have no USB devices except Cinema Display, keyboard and mouse though I did connect a hard drive the other day to format it. Then my mouse, which is plugged into the Cinema Display, stopped working until I plugged it into the keyboard. A boot into single user mode showed a few lines of messages starting with "USB...": something about a device problem and "releasing device' or something.

Now my mouse works again plugged into the Cinema Display but my computer won't sleep; I hadn't associated the two.

The two are definitely associated. I booted into single-user mode and got several lines of text starting with "USBF:..." and including the text "MakeDevice error creating device", some ASCII that apparently identifies the device and, finally, the text "releasing device". There are three or four lines like this. I then typed "reboot" and, when the computer booted, the System Profiler couldn't see the hub in the Cinema Display (it can still see the keyboard and its hub) but the computer will stay asleep. That's right - the hub in the Cinema Display isn't available (the mouse doesn't work if plugged in there) but the computer will sleep as expected.

Next, I restarted normally (not via single-user mode) and, when the computer booted, the the System Profiler could now see the hub in the Cinema Display (the mouse worked when plugged in there too), but the computer woke up immediately on being put to sleep.

I'm sure I have a USB issue and it's new - this same computer/OS used to sleep fine. I'm wondering if I've developed a hardware problem - how can I test for this?

Thanks in advance, Steve = : ^ )