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Dead nano (after 20 minutes of use)

Message #1 - Posted 2006/09/11 - Clever Monkey

kj wrote:

I bought a Nano at the same time I bought my MacBook a few months ago. My first Mac, and my first Nano.

From my experience, I rack my brains trying to fathom how it is *possible* that Apple has a reputation for the quality of its hardware. How can it be??? My MacBook has untold hardware problems, including falling into a deep sleep for not reason (requiring rebooting the machine to wake it up), and it periodically decides that the external drive I have connected to it is unreadable (again, everything goes back to "peachy" if I reboot the damn thing).

Lookup "Estimate Mean Time Between Failures". It is an imperfect world, and things break (even new things). I don't recall seeing "will always work for everyone, always, forever" in the fine print on the invoice when I bought my Mac.

I'll hazard a guess that, by and large, you might be a outlier in regards to your specific experiences.

Of course, you are buying some of the first generation MacBooks before letting them shake out the bugs, and might be an outlier pointing at an endemic problem. It's happened before.

Thanks for that. You early adopters make is easier for the rest of us ;)

Otherwise, consider yourself an exception to the rule.

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