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dead Pismo battery and an odd wrinkle, cycle count=666

Message #1 - Posted 2005/11/04 - Christopher Masi

Executive summary, ioreg reports cycle count of 666 and it never increases.

Recently I had some power issues. The power/sound board on my Pismo died while I was using it, and I didn't notice. So, the computer ran until the battery ran out of juice. My Pismo sat like this for 3 weeks until I fixed it yesterday (I installed a new power/sound board). Unfortunately, my battery is pretty dead. It only charges to the blinking light level, then the computer thinks the battery is full.

Before the power issue I was getting 45 to 60 min out of this very old battery, so I new I'd be replacing it soon. But on a lark I typed "ioreg -p IODeviceTree -n battery -w0 | grep Bat" in the terminal, checked the capacity and tried slowly draining and recharging the battery to see if the capacity numbers would change. They didn't, but here is the odd thing... the reported cycle count is 666. At first I thought, that is a funny coincidence, but the cycle count isn't changing. Now, I am begining to suspect that someone who writes the programs that contol the batteries has an odd sense humor... kinda like that infamous crashing car sound from years gone by...

Has anyone ever seen this before; that is, has anyone seen a battery stuck at 666 cycles?


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