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eMac convert to 220 V ?

Message #1 - Posted 2004/12/06 - chp

I have a recent eMac (1.25 GHz ATI) bought in the US. Coming back to Europe, I sadly discovered (at the very last second!) that it does NOT have a switching power supply. Right now it is running on a 220-110 V transformer, but I would rather get rid of that.

I have got hold of the Apple Service Guide for my model, which says:

"The display/analog (service module) contains a non-switching power supply which is preset at a 220V configuration. The voltage selection is manually set by way of a voltage jumper. This means if you are replacing the display/analog assembly and you will be operating the computer in a 110V environment, you will have to install the voltage jumper on the module. "

Detailed instructions follow. It is however unclear to me whether that is a separate supply for the video circuitry, or indeed the master supply for the whole system. In doubt, I am nervous about removing the jumper and plugging straight into 220 V.
Can any expert out there confirm? Thank you in advance.

-- Charles

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