Emergency =97_substitute_power_adaptor_ for_a_Wallstreet_and_1400=2E

patrick powell wrote on :
Hi, I hope someone can advise me and soon. I have two Powerbooks, a Wallstreet and a 1400, and both were able to use each others power adaptor (as well as that belonging to a Clamshell, I'm told). The Wallstreet adaptor died on me last year, so I continued using the 1400 adaptor as and when. Last night that died on me, too. I have scoured the net for a replacement (eBay has none currently), but they are expensive and anyway will take ages to get her (they are in the US, I am in the UK). Does anyone know of any Windows laptop whose adaptor might do the trick same wattage and power output and same connection which I might get sooner rather than later? It's a long shot put sometimes these things are possible. Thanks, PP