Energy Saver for 7.6.1?

Matthew Pritzker wrote on :

lamphier@redacted.invalid wrote:

I am using a Quadra 760 with OS 7.6.1 as an internet router; it is running IP Net Router and distributing internet service to several sites in my house.

The computer is always on and the HD is constantly spinning. As I understand it (correct me if I am wrong), the HD is not needed if I am just running the Mac as a router -- IP NetRouter is already written into RAM, and the only thing really active in the computer is the ethernet cards and the CPU.

Is there utility software I can use that will allow me to shut down the HD after x minutes? The computer currently has "CPU Energy Saver", but I am not sure if this is what I want; I presume this shuts down the CPU, when all I want to shut down is the HD.

Try the shareware control panel Sleeper; it's far more flexible than anything Apple ever released.